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Elevate Solutions Group LLC


Elevate Solutions Group acknowledges our responsibility to cherish and protect the earth for future generations. We know that for nature and industry to co-exist, manufacturers must change the ways in which their production and delivery processes impact the environment. To that end, we have established the dual goals of improving our environmental impact while providing our customers with solutions that meet their sustainability goals. 

Our Values:

To Achieve These Goals, We:

• Design and engineer injection molding products that use less material and have longer useful lives
• Repurpose existing components to reduce the need for manufacturing
• Utilize renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials. (HIPS Regrind and PCR)

• PCR (Post Consumer Resin) was introduced to our manufacturing process
• Minimize packaging materials while balancing the need to protect products in shipping

• Use 100% Recycled corrugate and recycle all used corrugate within our facility

Our efforts result in products that provide better sustainability scores and give our customers greener options for their merchandising needs. 

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