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Structural Foam to Injection Molding

  • Client had 12+ month backorders from Structural Foam supplier

  • Other Injection Molders said product couldn’t be Injection Molded to current specs.

  • We designed, engineered and built local tooling 

    • Also auxiliary  equipment such as robotics and cooling tables and fixtures.

  • We amortized the capital cost of tooling into the part price

  • All backorders were filled within 4-months

Tooling Transfer to Reduce Price and Improve Service

  • Client wanted to expand distribution but need lower costs and better service from Molder

  • Tools transferred to Elevate and subsequently overhauled to improve product quality and efficiency. By reducing cycle times on the two molds Elevate solved supply issue and reduced cost.

  • Recommendation to change resins approved which further lowered costs by differentiating specs of the container and lid

  • Cost savings passed along to client, so they were in a position to expand distribution while being more profitable

Gelato-Tub-and-Lid REV Website.png

Reshoring with Creation of New Tooling
and A Quality Improvement 

  • Client with a Type II medical device experiencing repeated quality failures from Asian supplier

  • We defined new & improved specs with the client and built new tooling in the US

  • After registering with the FDA, we sourced 3rd party items as needed

  • Prescription ophthalmic lenses, heat transfer labeling

  • All manufacturing, assembly and packaging was completed within our facility in Atlanta

  • Quality and supply issues were eliminated 

Flipper-Handle REV Path Website.png
Flipper-Handle REV Website.png

Delivering the Highest Quality Standards

  • Elevate works with some of most exacting customers

  • Where other molders may have have failed, Elevate has succeeded in meeting quality requirements, challenging delivery timelines and earned business

  • Mold Maker encountered a seemingly impossible deadline for delivery of product because of tooling damage by a prior molder. Elevate was able to resolve the issue through cycle time optimization and processing improvements.

  • Client  approached Elevate with a supply issue. Their mold was aged and necessary inserts and components were missing when picked up from the former molder. The mold others said was beyond repair was refurbished, reprocessed, and producing good product within a few weeks. 

Black-Lid REV Website.png
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